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Nepali Greeting Cards
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1 Fire Under The Snow Palden Gyatso Harvill press
2 Cave in the Snow Vicki mackenzie Bloomsbury
3 Sorrow Mountain Ani pachen & Adelaide Donnelley Double day
4 Daughter of Tibet Rinchen Dolma Taring Rupa
5 The Book of Tibetan Elders Sandy Johnson River head
6 Tibet My Story Jetsun pema Element
7 The Mountain of the Buddha Javier Moro Full Circle
8 My Journey to Lhasa Alexandra David Neel TBI
9 Magic & Mystery in Tibet Alexandra David Neel Harper collins
10 Initiations and Initiates in Tibet Alexandra David Neel Rider classics
11 Tibetan Tale of Love & Magic Alexandra David Neel Rupa
12 Heirs to Tibet Andrew powell Blue jay
13 The Ochre Border Justine Hardy Harper
14 From the Land of Lost Content Noel Barber Shristi
15 Torture in Tibet Zamlha Zamlha
16 Tibetan Foothold Dervla Murply Flamingo
17 The Sacred Life of Tibet Keith Dowman Harper
18 The Power Places of Central Tibet Keith Dowman Timeless books
19 Tibet the Issue is Independence Edward Lazer Harper
20 Snow Leopard Peter Mattheissen Penguin
21 Four Years in Tibet Ahmad Shah Shristi
22 Seven Years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer New Market Press
23 Return to Tibet Heinrich Harrer Penguin
24 Waiting for the Sun Mary Craig Hodder & Sloughton
25 Tears of Blood Mary Craig Harper
26 The Search for Shangrila Charles Allen Abacus
27 Tibet The Road Ahead Dawa Norbu Harper collins [Top]
28 Red Star over Tibet Dawa Norbu Sterling
29 The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes Jamyang Norbu Harper
30 a Time in Tibet Catriona Bass Rupa
31 The Wind Horse Elaine Brook &Julie Donnelly T.B.I
32 Lhasa the Open City Han Suyin New editions publishing
33 Tibet Henry Scholberg Indus
34 The Revolt in Tibet Frank Moraes Shristi
35 a Stranger in Tibet Scott Berry Indus
36 Last Barbarians Michel Peissel Souvenir press
37 Mustang -a Lost Tibetan Kingdom Michel Peissel Bookfaith
38 The Silk Road Sven Hedin Bookfaith
39 a Conquest of Tibet Sven Hedin Bookfaith
40 Tibetans in Nepal Dr. Hari Bansh Tha Bookfaith
41 Gessar-Khan A Legend of Tibet Zeithlin/Nadejen Bookfaith
42 Tibetan Histories Dan Martin Serindia
43 The Dragon in the Land of Snow Tsering Shakya Pimlico
44 In Exile from the Land of Snow John F.Avedon Viking
45 The Fate of Tibet Claude Arpi Har Anand
46 Hostage of Beijing-The Abduction of Panchen Lama Gilles Van Grasdroff Element
47 Tibet Abode of the Gods Babara Erickson Pacific view
48 Tibetan Nation Warren W.Smith,Jr Harper
49 Arrow & Spindle in Tibet Samten G.Karmay M.B.P
50 History of Modern Tibet,1913-1951 Melvyn C. Goldstein Munshiram manoharlal [Top]
51 The Anguish Of Tibet kelly,Bastain&Aiello Parallax
52 Tales of the Turquoise Cornelle Jest M.B.P
53 Adventures of a Tibetan Fighting monk Tashi Khadrup Orchid press
54 Secrets of Tibet Ginseppe Tucei & E.ahersi Cosmo publications
55 Two Classic Tibetan Fables Ngawang Namgyal LTWA
56 The Dispute Between Tea and Chang Dr. Alexander Fedotiv LTWA
57 Festivals of Tibet Tsepak Rigzin LTWA
58 Folk Culture of Tibet Norbu Chophel LTWA
59 Folk Tales of Tibet Norbu Chophel LTWA
60 Kache Phalu's Advice on the Art of Living Dawa Norbu LTWA
61 Stories from Beyond The Clouds Clifferd Thuzlor LTWA
62 Tibetan Folk Opera Drowa Sangmo Cynthin B.Jesayma LTWA
63 Zlosgar Jamyang Norbu LTWA
64 Choyang NorbuLinga Norbulinga
65 Gendun Chophel/Biography Irmgard Mengele LTWA
66 Flight and Adaptation Tanka B.Subba LTWA
68 Feminine Ground Janice D.Willis Snowlion
69 House of the Turguoise Roof Dorjee Yudon Yuthok Snowlion [Top]
70 a Strange Liberation David Patt Snowlion
71 The Spirit of Tibet Alison Wright Snowlion
72 Altar of the Earth Peter Gold Snowlion
73 Sky Burial Blake kerr Snowlion
74 Tibet is My Country Thubten Jigme Norbu Wisdom
75 Warriors of Tibet Jamyang Norbu Wisdom
76 Memoirs of a Political officer Margaret D.Williamson Wisdom
77 Ama Adhe Joy Blakeslee Wisdom
78 History of Western Tibet A.H.Francke MB
79 The People of Tibet Charles Bill MB
80 Claiming  the High Ground Staley F. sterens MD
81 High Religion Sherry B.Artner MB
82 The Religion of Tibet Charles bell MB
83 Tibet Past and Present Charles bell MB
84 People of Tibet Charles bell  
85 Tibet-The Great Game & Tsarist Russia Tatiana Shamian Oxford [Top]
86 War at the Top of the World-The struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet Cric S.Margolis Routtedge
87 Tablet of the Gods William M.Bueler's Paljor Publication
88 a Study of Early History of Tibet [in Tibetan] Ven.Tenzin Namdak Paljor Publication
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