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Welcome to Nepala.com !!!
What's here?

     Nepala.com is only place on the internet where you can find the huge collection of handicrafts and graments in unbeatable price.This is a wholesale site, for the retail or small quantity purchase please visit our online store.

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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
If you are searching for something else which is not listed here, then please e-mail us, we will try our best to provide you full information and product.
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Mode of Shipment
As we believe in quality services, we are offering different types and condition for shipment.
Terms & conditions for shipment
1. Our products do not include freight and are valid for every destination     around the world.
2. Shipment cost depends upon the size of orders, each and every final     destinations and mode of shipment.
3. Mode of shipment is to be finalized by the buyers but in some products, due    to quality, shape and size they can only shipped in particular way. Please    read General Product Description located in Top Right of your desirable    product categories.
4. The above prices include all the necessary documentation's charge, custom     clearance in Nepal, packaging, local transportation in Nepal, forwarding etc.
5. All other expenses out of Nepal like taxes, levies etc. should be borne by the     buyer.
6. Since it is handmade item there would be slide variation in sizes and weight     too.
We prefer following types of shipment:
Air Freight
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Mostly goods are packed into strong wooden box after we wrap nicely in lokta paper or ricepaper which makes a complete Nepali handicraft souvenir.


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