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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
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Lets be our Partner?
    Nepala.com is one of the branch of  "Softwebs Nepal" which is already acquiring the "No.1" position in Nepal. Nepali handicrafts products have very high demand all over the world. The basic income of Nepalese people is highly based on handicrafts export.
   According to latest trade bulletin, Nepal is exporting more than 868 billion/year worthing handicrafts products mainly carpets, Nepali paper, silver jewelers e.t.c. all over the world.
   Keeping this in mind, Softwebs Nepal represents the group of handicrafts manufactures and exporters. Collectively they are more than 500 in numbers, producing more than 60 categories and 20,000 verities of products. Softwebs Nepal has capacity to export more than 2.1 billion worthing products in a year.
   We need many partner as friends,all over the world who can join with us to promote, collect and supply these products to their local area.
   No matter how you are going to promote our products, may be by your web site, local paper, show room e.t.c the main thing is you can make enough money in this business. Those who believe in hard work and commitment they can contact us and can get started.
Please contact us at : vendor@nepala.com for more details.
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