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Welcome to Nepala.com !!!
What's here?

     Nepala.com is only place on the internet where you can find the huge collection of handicrafts and graments in unbeatable price.This is a wholesale site, for the retail or small quantity purchase please visit our online store.

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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
If you are searching for something else which is not listed here, then please e-mail us, we will try our best to provide you full information and product.
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         Product´s total quality is one of the greatest worries of most of business today. Therefore, there has been a considerable investment in this field. This great effort has allowed our firm to modernize its equipment, providing the lab with the latest material for an accurate control of products, from the income of raw materials in the production process, until the delivery of the item itself to the client.

         Nepala.com is highly concern with the quality of the product. Our main motto is provide high quality Nepali handicrafts with competative price.


         Nepala.com has associative Quality Control Lab, where all physical and chemical analysis take place. Some of the specialized equipment that can be found in this laboratory is mentioned as follows: a VARIAN STAR 3400 CX Gas Chromatograph, a VARIAN 2000 Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, a HEWLETT PACKARD 5890 SERIE II Gas Chromatography with ECD & FID Detectors, a HEWLETT PACKARD 1080 HPLC with UV-VIS & Fluorescence Detectors and a HEWLETT PACKARD 8453 Spectrophotometer UV-VIS.

       All this equipment ensures that every product supply by Nepala.com. fullfills all the requirements specified for them in the Quality Manual. We can also assure that our customers will be fully satisfied with the products and services we provide, because so is the main objective of every single activity we develop in our company.
If you have any inquiry regarding quality please contact: qualitycontrol@nepala.com
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