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PEOPLE PLACES &TRAVEL [Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan]
1 Tibet  Life,Myth and Art Micheal Willis Duncan Baird
2 Tibet  Yeshi Chodon & Dawa Norbu Roli
3 Tibet Caught in Time. John Clarke Rupa
4 Tibet. Julia Wilkinson Chartwell Books
5 Tibet-Reflection from the Wheel of Life. Carroll Dunha & Ian Baker Abbe ville press
6 Tibet The Roof of the World Between Past & Maria Antonia Sironi Diemberger Prakash Books
7 Tibet   Gallery Books
8 Tibet Yang Gusheng Chopmen
9 Tibet in Exile Jane Perkins T.B.I
10 Tibet Kazuyoshi Nomachi Local Colour
11 Tibet Flowers,People and Things. Chul Am Park China
12 Tibet on the Paths of Gentlement Brigands Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone Thames & Hudson
13 Tibet Since 1950 Steven Marshall & Orville Schell Aperture
14 The Tibetans-a Struggle to Survive. Steve Lehman & Robbie Barnett Virgin
15 Tibet Kevin Kling Thames & Hudson
16 Tibet The Sacred Realm Lobsang P. Lhalungpa. Apperture
17 The Spirit of Tibet Alison Wright Shambala
18 Sacred Tibet Philip Ranson. Thames & Hudson
19 Nomads of Western Tibet Melvyn C. Goldstein & Cynthia,M.Beall. Seriandia
20 Secret Tibet Fosco Marraini Bookfaith
21 Homage to Tibet Oliver Follmi Booth Clibborn
22 Tibet's Sacred Mountain Russell Johnson & Kerry Moran Parkstreet Press
23 The Potala of Tibet Edited-Anthony Guise Stacey International
24 Tibet ( OWC) Julia Wilkinson The Guide Book Co.ltd
25 In the Land of Mustang Peter Matthiessen Timeless Book
26 Caravans of the Himalayas Eric Valli & Diane Summers Thames & Hudson
27 Brahmaputra-Tales from River Tsangpo Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone Timeless Book [Top]
28 The Tibetans  Art Perry Viking studio
29 Bhutan Kingdom of Dragon Robert Dompnier Timeless Book
30 Bhutan Kingdom in Himalaya Sanjay Acharya Roli
31 Bhutan mountain Fortress of the Gods Christian Schicklgruber & Francoise pommaretFrancoise Pommaret. Bookwise
32 The Tressure Revealer of Bhutan Padma Tsewang khenpo Phunstok Tashi Chris Butters Sigmund K. SaetrengTashi Chris Butters Sigmund K.Saetreng. EMR P.H
33 In the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon Joanna Lumley B.B.C Books
34 Of Rainbows and Clouds(The life of Yab Ugyen Dorji as told to his daughter. The Queen of Bhutan-Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk. Bookwise
35 Ladakh Prabuddha Das Gupta Viking studio
36 Zanskar-A Himalayan Kingdom Oliver Follmi Thames & Hudson
37 Where Heaven and Mountains Meet Oliver Follmi Thames & Hudson
38 Dharamsala Jeremy Russell Lustre Roli
39 Monsoon Steve MC Curry Timeless Book
40 Buddhist Pilgrimage Bry Tankha Lustre Roli
41 Ajanta & Ellora Pushpesh pant Lustre Roli
42 Khajuraho -The Art of love Surenda Sahai Prakash Books
43 The Kathmandu Valley Kerry Moran Om Book Service
44 Kathmandu The Time Travel Library T.B.I [Top]
45 Kathmandu-The Eternal Kumari Narayan P. Shrestha  
46 Power Places of Kathmandu Keith Dowman Thames & Hudson
47 Kathmandu Pokhra & Chitwan Thomas L Kelly, Daniel Haber Roli
48 Journey through Nepal Mohamed Amin,Duncan Willetts,Brian Tettey. Camerapix
49 Kathmandu Valley Jim Goodman, Thomas Kelly & John Everingham. Bookfaith
50 Kathmandu Talisman Talisman
51 Nepal Toni Hagen Himal Books
52 In Search of Nepal Tamotsu Nakamura Pan Creative Photos
53 Nepal (OWC) Bill Wassman & Steve Van Beek Seven hills book
54 Nepal (Roli) Mohit Satyanand Roli
55 Faces of Nepal Jan Salter Harka Gurung Himal Books
56 People within a Landscape Bert Willison/Shirley Bowke The four sherpa trust
57 Pokhara in the Shadow of Annapurnas Galen Rowell-John Everingham Bookfaith
58 Nepal (Roli) Mohit Satyanand Roli
59 Cultures of the world Nepal John Burbank  
60 Kathmandu Jim Goodman  T.B.I
61 Nepal valley of God Gilles Beguin India Book Distributor [Top]
62 High Exposure David Brea shears Simon & Schuter
63 Himalayan Passage Jeremy Schmidt/Patrick Morrow The mountaineers
64 Circling the Sacred Mountain Robert Thurman & Tad wise Bantam
65 Facing up Bear Grylls Macmillian
66 Tibet's Sacred Mountain Chris Bonington & Charles Clake Weidenfeild & Nicoson
67 The Search for Shangri la Charles Allen Little,Brown & Company
68 A life on the Edge Jim whitnaker The mountaineers
69 The Crystal Horizon Reinhold Messner Crowood Press
70 The  Burgess Book of Lies Adrian & Alan The mountaineers
71 Sacred Roads Nicholas Shrady Viking studio
72 Storms of Silience Joe Simpson Vintage
73 Dark Shadows Falling Joe Simpson Vintage
74 Touching the Void Joe Simpson Vintage
75 This Game of Ghosts Joe Simpson Vintage
76 On Secret Service East of Constantinople Peter Hophirk Oxford Univesity
77 Setting the East Ablaze Peter Hophirk Oxford Univesity
78 Foreign Devils on the Silk Road Peter Hophirk Oxford Univesity
79 The Great Game Peter Hophirk Oxford Univesity
80 Quest for Kim Peter Hophirk Oxford Univesity
81 Wonders of the Himalaya Sir Francis Younghusband Srishti [Top]
82 The Epics of Mount Everest Sir Francis Younghusband Pan Books
83 Within Reach my Everest story Mark P Fetzer & Jack Galvin Puffin Books
84 View from the Summit Sir Edmund Hillary Doubleday
85 Chomolung Sings the Blue Ed Douglas Srishti
86 Explorers of the Western Himalayas (1820-1895) John Keay John Murry
87 When Men and Mountain Meet John Keay Harper
88 Lost Horizon James Hilton Pockets Books
89 Surfing the Himalayas Rama Dr Frederick Lenz A coronet books
90 The Sacred Myth of Shangri la Peter Bishop Adarsh Books
91 The Secret of Shambala James Redfield Bantam Books
92 Annapurna Circuit Andrew Stevenson Srishti
93 The Wind in my Hair Brigitte Muir A penguin
94 K2 the Story of the Savage Mountain Jim Curran A coronet books
95 Ultimate High My Everest Odyssey Goran Kropp/David Lager Crantz Discovery Books
96 The Other Side of Everest Matt Dickinson Three river press
97 The Death Zone Matt Dickinson Arrow
98 High Achiever The Life and Climbs of Chris Bonington. Jim Curran Robinson [Top]
99 The Last Explorer finding Mallory on Mt.Everest Conrad Anker & David Robert Robinson
100 The Long Walk Slavomir Rawicz Robinson
101 Fall of the Phantom Lord Andrew Todhunter Anchor Books
102 Everest Walt Unsworth Harper
103 Into the wild Jon Krakaver Pan Books
104 Into the Air Jon Krakaver Anchor Books
105 Climb Anatoli Boukreev/G Weston De Wal St Martin's
106 Annapurna Maurice Rupa
107 Climbing High Lene Gammelgaard Pan Books
108 Travel in Nepal Charlie pye-smith Penguin
109 The Waiting Land Dervla Murphy Flamingo
110 a Season in Heaven David Tomory Harper
111 In the Kingdom of the Gods Desmond Doig Harper
112 Tiger for Breakfast Michel Peissel T.B.I
113 a House in Kathmandu Harold James Srishti
114 10 walks in Kathmandu Prakash A Raj Harper
114 Video night in Kathmandu Pico iyer Vintage
115 Mountain is young Han Suyin Rupa [Top]
116 Escape from Kathmandu Kim stanley Robinson Voyager
117 Kingdoms Beyond the clouds Jonathan Gregson Macmillian
118 Beyond the Sky and the Earth Jamie Zeppa Pan Books
119 Under the Dragon Rory Maclean Rupa
120 a Journey in Ladakh Andrew Harvey Picador
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