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Nepali Greeting Cards
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1 Art of Tibet Robert.E.Fisher T & H
2 The Art of Tantra Philip Rawson T & H
3 Buddhist Art & Architecture Robert.E.Fisher T & H
4 The Sacred Art of Tibet Rhie Thrman T & H
5 Treasure of Tibetan Art Barbara lipton & Nima Dorjee Ragnubs Oxford university
6 Tibetan Sacred Art Detlef Ingo Lauf White Orchid Books
7 Art of Tibet Pratapaditya Pal T & H
8 Tibetan Art Amy Heller Jaca book
9 Tibetan Art Jane Casey Singer and Philip Denwood Laurence King
10 The Sculptural Heritage of Tibet David Weldon and Casey Singer Mapin
11 The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs Robert Beer Shambala
12 World of Transformation Rhie Thrman T & H
13 Tibetan Painting Pratapaditya Pal Book wise
14 Sacred Buddhist Painting Anjan Chakraverty Roli
15 Tibetan Medical Painting Gyumey Dorje,Fernand Beyer Abrahms
16 Buddhist Wall Painting Ladakh Charles Genoud Takoa  Inoue Olizane
17 a Buddhist Paradise  The Murals of Alchi Pratapaditya Pal Ravi kumar
18 Marvels of Buddhist Art Pratapaditya Pal Ravi kumar
19 Tabo a Lamp for the Kingdom Deborah .E. Klimburg Salter Skira
20 Alchi Ladakh's Hidden Buddhist Sanctuary Roger Goepper & Jaroslar Poncar Shambala
21 The Great Stupa of Gyantse Franco Ricca and Erberto Lo Bue Serindia
22 On the Path to Void Edited-Pratapaditya Pal Marg publication
23 Earth Door Sky Door Robert Powell Serindia
24 Kathmandu Valley Painting Hugo.E.Kreijger Serindia
25 Traditional and Expression in Mithila Painting Ganga Devi Mapin [Top]
26 Sacred Art of Nepal Min Bahadur Shakya Nepal Handicraft Association
27 Iconography of Nepalese Buddhism Min Bahadur Shakya Nepal Handicraft Association
29 Deities and Divinities of Tibet Khempo sangay Tenzin & Gomchen Oleshey R.P.B.N
30 Buddhist Iconography Sambhota series (2) Tibet house
31 Buddhist Iconography Lokesh chandra Aditya Prakashan
32 Iconography of the Thousand Buddhas Lokesh chandra Pradeep kumar goel
33 Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography Lokesh chandra Aditya Prakashan
34 Five Hundred Buddhist Deities Musashi Tachikawa Adriot
35 Mandala The Architecture of Enlightenment Denise party Leidyand Robert A.F.Thurman T & H
36 The Mandala-Sacred Circle in Tibetan Buddhism Martin Brauen Shambala
37 Tibetan Mandalas Tatjana Blau Sterling publishing
38 Tibetan Thanka Painting Pema Namdrol L.T.W.A
39 Tibetan Thanka Painting David & Janice jackson Serindia publication
40 The Clear Mirror-Depicting the Pearl Rosaries of Thankas Phuntsok sangpo Tibetan refugee self help centre
41 Thangka,Buddhist Painting of Tibet Yang shuwen,zhang Jiayan,Anxu & Luo Dan New world press Beijing [Top]
42 New-sun-self Learning Book on the Art of Tibetan Painting Sherig Parkhang Sherig Parkhang
44 Images of Enlightenment Janathan Landaw and Andy weber Shambala
43 Dharma Art Chogyam Trungpa Shambala
44 Creating Mandalas Sussane.F.Fincher Shambala
48 Silk and Stone - Art of Asia Hali Hali publication
49 First under Heaven- Art of Asia Hali Hali publication
50 Tibetan Carving Art Dban-ms Au Xu China
52 A Collecting Odyssey Alsdorf Collection T & H
53 Art of Asia Bimonthly Magazine Art of Asia Publication
54 Record of Tho.ling Roberto Vitali High Asia
55 The Traditional Architecture of Kathmandu valley Wolf gang R.P.B
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