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Welcome to Nepala.com !!!
What's here?

     Nepala.com is only place on the internet where you can find the huge collection of handicrafts and graments in unbeatable price.This is a wholesale site, for the retail or small quantity purchase please visit our online store.

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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
If you are searching for something else which is not listed here, then please e-mail us, we will try our best to provide you full information and product.
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"Our Competitor Price"
             By saying "our competitor price" we do not want to hamper any one business. Our main motto is to promote Nepali handicrafts to world wide. Well, price do vary with the quality and quantity you order i.e. if order quantity is more, there is 15%-35% less on the total price, it all depends on the quantity and quality. As we do not compromise with quality, it only depends on quantity.
              Nepala.com mainly concern with the world wide agents/partners and distributors and seeks for "Long Term Business Relationship". So we never compromise with quality of products. And with best quality and good reasonable price we believe we can achieve that goal.
             Regarding price, any one can easily find Nepali handicrafts products like ours by simply searching major search engines. Many site are listed offering products like ours may be in less price too but in terms of quality you won't get best quality as ours in such a reasonable price.
             P.S:-We are only one company in Nepal which is checking each and every product for it's quality with "Quality control team". We also send our product sample to our National Labs and few private sector labs time-to-time for quality control. So as a result you can get best quality with respect to others in good reasonable price (Please click on "Quality Control" for more details).
If you have any question regarding please email us at: price@nepala.com
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