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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
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Mask--General Description
Mask- is a traditional Nepali culture-Art-Work. These are exclusive Nepali masks and made from hand. This category of mask are specially developed with face of God and Goddess. In God category it is mainly Ganesh, Bhairav e.t.c and in goddess it is specially "Nava durga" which is a nine look of a single goddess Durga.
How it is made?
This type of mask are made from black mud from river bank, Nepali lokta paper, Salt, and jute . The ingediant depends on the size and desired strength.
Here first black mud is bitten very hard by the help of wooden plank, then it is mixed with jute and Nepali lokta paper. Then the mixer is pour on molds of mask. Then it is dried in hot sun. After a week of dyeing it is then painted by the painter. Painting along takes two days.
Finally the mask is ready for use.
Delivery Terms:
1. Time of delivery depends on the designs and quantity you order.
2.Since it is handmade there may be +/- 5% colour and design variation.
3.All the above price are quoted in the basis of free on board (FOB).
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