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Nepali Greeting Cards
Nepali Greeting Cards
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General Product Description Of Statue
       It has been long felt by craftsmen, collectors and above all connisseur that they are historical, cultural and religious meanings and artistic value.
      Under the definition of Handicrafts there are multiple products. One of them the statues of gods and goddesses of Buddhism and Hinduism stand foremost. Their importance is enhanced not only because of fact that they are hand made but also that using meticulously time-consuming traditional technique makes them.Lost Wax Process, Chiseling, antique finishing and so on.
Please use this formula to calculate Drop Shop prices directly to the retail customers for various destinations:
Drop Ship Pricing (as per our tariff) = Net Distributor's price specified above + Shipping Cost on the basis of gross weight for required destinations.
Quantity Discount
15% Discount on order goods having more than 10 pcs of one item/ variety.
Stock Level
We can maintain daily at least 3 items in each variety in our stock except S.No. 1 & 2.
If you require over 10 pcs of in only one item/variety, we would require sufficient production time of over 2 weeks
Sizes & Weight
Since the statues are exclusively hamdmade item, there would be slide variation in its sizes and weight.
Freight Cost : If a single item or a consignment is over 10 kgs, the freight cost of DHL courier is applicable for calculating its total cost including the freight because DHL cost for over 10 kgs seems more feasible or economy.
Delivery Terms:
1. Time of delivery depends on the designs and quantity you order.
2.Since the statues are exclusively hamdmade item, there would be slide variation in its sizes and weight.
Mode of payment:
Please click on "Mode of payment" for more details.
Mode of shipment:
Please click on "Mode of shipment" for more details.
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